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Golf course in the surrounding area

Golf course „Schloss Langenstein“

The 18 – holes championship course is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. It even looks like it has   been there eternally. A driving range and a 9 – holes  short course is open to public and offers beginners the first steps in this beautiful sport.

Golf course Steißlingen

If you are a fan of Scottish golf courses Steißlingen is the place for you. The former golf-pro and Ryder cup player Dave Thomas has designed this course.  He set a piece of Scotland next to the Lake of Constance. This club is a must be for passionate golf players.

Golf course Owingen

The farmyard Lugenhof with with its 18 – hole course is surrounded by fruit trees and ponds. The course fits perfectly in the landscape. This course is challenging for beginners and pros.

Golf course Konstanz

This old and dignified 18 – holes course is located on the shore of the Lake of Constance. The beautiful panoramic view of the Swiss  Alps makes your day unforgettable.

Golf course Öschberghof

Many different courses, a great driving range and several hectares of rugged landscape invite you to enjoy a memorable day at the Öschberghof.

Golf course Rheinblick

This golf course is located next to the Swiss – German border in
Lottstetten / Nack. This Swiss golf course has got 18 holes.