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Hiking in the surrounding area

Hegau mountains

The mountains in the Hegau are all of volcanic origin. The extincted volcanos consist of phonoliths and natroliths. You can enjoy panoramic views from every volcanic cone - the Lake of Constance and the Swiss Alps.

The ten Hegau volcano cones are called:
Hohenstoffel, Rosenegg, Hohentwiel, Staufen, Hohenkrähen, Mägdeberg, Hohenhewen, Neuhewen and Höwenegg.


The hiking region was formed by the wild and romantic river Wutach. The river Wutach is the heart of the biggest natural park in Germany. Beautiful valleys, wild rivers, clear lakes and sunny peaks can be found in the natural park Schwarzwald - Süd. The natural diversity makes a visit to the Wutach Gorge unforgettable.


The climatic spa Feldberg is the oldest and biggest natural reserve of  Baden - Württemberg. The premium hiking track “Feldberg Steig” takes you to the Top of the Black Forest.


The Pfänder is located in Austria. It is above the city of Bregenz on the shore of the Lake of Constance. You can choose between many different hiking tracks.